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This is the information I gathered from the Northern Hills Ranger District of the Black Hills National Forest.


  • Effective December 1, 2010
  • The yearly permit is usually valid from January 1 through December 31 - It seems that an exception will be in place for the first year, which could run from December 1, 2010 through December 31, 2011 (TBA)
  • Yearly cost: $25.00
  • 7 consecutive days permit: $20.00
  • Permits are required for each motorized off-road vehicle including Jeep, ATV/UTV, dirt bikes, etc. --- less than 62 in.
  • The NF is working on having the permits available for purchase before the 1st of December
  • If you lose your yearly permit, you may replace it for $10.00 with proof of purchase
  • If you lose your 7-day permit, keep your proof of purchase because it will not be replaced


  • Maps will (should) be available online on October 1
  • Frank Carroll will email me the media information on Friday (October 1) --- to be posted ASAP -- also watch for info in regional newspapers
  • There will be no penalty for anyone riding in the Black Hills until December 1 - no permit needed, no trail system in place officially until then
  • October 1 is a media release day -- no ribbon cutting until December 1 according to Frank Carroll
  • Maps should be available by next week (October 4) at the Northern Hills Ranger District (At least they hope so!)
  • Remember --- the trail system will be effective December 1 --- many are marked already and some are closed!

I hope this helps... Micheline

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Glad to have you keeping us up to date on what is happening, Thanks a bunch
Terrific info Micheline. Thanks for sharing this.
Hey, Ron isn't it nice to be ahead of the media, glad to have this gal on our side.
Sure is Ed.

It will be interesting to see if and when the Rapid City Journal prints this and what their slant will be.

I talk to people every week that are either not aware the travel plan is a done deal or they believe it is still in development and they believe that the environmentalists will stop it dead before implementation.

Information is power; this is why there is little to no information on this in the local media. Without this information we are powerless; thanks to folks like all of us here on this website and the many I meet that are aware of this and support us we have a trail system that actually works, for the most part, for everyone but the most disagreeable greenies. Happy riding everyone!!!
Thanks so much Micheline for getting this info!
Thanks to you Teri for giving us this sight to pass info on to those who really care about our sport.
Its the members that make this all work. Those that regularly post things keep the conversation and discussion going. And that is priceless.
I think this was important enough that I reposted it on the homepage in full.
Thanks Teri-there is no such thing as too much exposure for this.............
Thanks Teri!
Will there be a sticker or will have to carry a piece of paper? thanks again madam sec ROGER
The last thing I heard was a sticker. They strongly suggested that you keep the receipt for proof. They might have a transition plan first. The training for NF rangers begins Monday and more details will be available next week.


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