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We need your help! Please take this short survey about your efforts to participate in public processes related to the management of public lands. An

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We need your help!

Please take this short survey about your efforts to participate in public processes related to the management of public lands. Any information compiled will be used in our efforts to highlight for public officials that any unilateral action to designate massive swaths of public lands as a National Monument would simply brush aside the dedicated efforts of stakeholders who took the time and put in the effort to actively participate in management processes.


As you know, Interior Secretary Jewell has publicly stated several times recently that she and the Obama Administration intend to move forward with National Monument designations on public lands in areas where Congress has “failed to act.” Congress has acted to specially designate millions of acres of public lands as wilderness, and is currently working to develop bottom-up legislation in some areas (Representative Bishop is spearheading one such process in Utah), but this is not the only way forward. We believe Secretary Jewell is ignoring the efforts of thousands of stakeholders when she simplistically implies that the management of public lands is a choice between the Administration unilaterally specially designating massive areas or Congress specially designating those same areas. In reality, Secretary Jewell and the land managers she oversees have the tools at their disposal to appropriately manage these lands, and are in fact statutorily required to protect these lands while providing for multiple uses and meaningfully engaging the public in management decisions. Ultimately when the Administration unilaterally acts to inappropriately designate areas as National Monuments, it is throwing out any hard work done by stakeholders, like you, who have committed untold hours to the development of Resource Management Plans, Travel Planning, NEPA analysis and other processes.

We are attempting to compile information about how OHV enthusiasts have been engaged in these processes so we will be able to show that the Administration would be essentially subverting the existing process should it move forward with massive, inappropriate Monument designations in many areas. Please take this survey to provide us information how you have been engaged. We are particularly interested in collaborative processes where OHV enthusiasts have actively been engaged in face-to-face meetings with other stakeholders. We are just starting on this, so we may follow up for additional information.

Thank you.


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