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    I am going to be staying in the Northern Hills near the Lead Golf course Memorial Day weekend. What are the trails like in that area? Are the 4-digit trails pretty good, specifically the trails out of the Stageyard trailhead and the trails just NW of Cheyenne Crossing? Is that area still wet from the snow and spring rains?




    Stageyard are some of the best in the hills. Wish they were longer, but I always take riding groups there because they are so enjoyable. You can spend a couple hours riding those trails at a moderate pace if you run them both directions. Great elevation changes, some challenging areas on the NW section of 8151.

    Realize the trails NW of Cheyenne Crossing can only be accessed (unless someone has found a short cut I don’t know about) by going all the way up to Savoy and then coming in from the north. I spent an entire day last year trying to find a route through from 85 to the trails, but everything is steep cliffs and/or private property. The FS really should make a TH to the south of those with some access from 85.

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    Thanks T! Pretty sure we will be riding up there since it sounds pretty good for an afternoon.


    We did ride two of these trail systems last weekend. The Stageyard trails were pretty good area to ride. The FS put up posts to attempt to keep the machines at 62″ Max but we witnessed larger machines, and even smaller ones, going around the posts. In one spot the posts were closer than 62″ as the Polaris General wouldn’t fit that was in my group.

    We road some of the trails NW of Cheyenne Crossing, we road the roads up there connecting across hwy 85 to FS 134 and 733 coming in to them from the SW, dusty trip. These were some nice trails as well with one section of tight switch-backs. Some trails I was disappointed to see closed until August 15. We cut several trees out of the trail in this area, bugs got in here bad and then the wind.

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