Your comments needed on Consumer Product Safety Commission proposal to ban passengers on ATVs!          

 ATVers have until November 24 to weigh in on whether the Consumer Product Safety Commission should establish a “performance requirement” that would prevent or reduce the likelihood of passengers riding on an ATV. Without comments from ATVers across the United States, heading out into the woods with a passenger riding behind could be thing of the past. 

ATVAM is commenting on this, but the CPSC also needs to hear from individuals as well. Do you enjoy riding with a passenger? How often do you ride with a spouse or a child behind you?         How man” align=”right” class=”CToWUd a6T” tabindex=”0″ />

y miles have you traveled with a companion?


Do you feel having a passenger makes an ATV unsafe? Or do you feel the safety of an ATV depends on the driver? 

Is there some design change that could be made to make an ATV safer for the ATV driver and passenger? The CPSC needs to hear about it!  

A sample comment letter is pasted below. You may use it as a place to start for your comments, but considering adding your personal information–what sort of four-wheeler(s) do you ride? How many miles have you traveled? Who rides with you? What have you done to ensure that your friends and families ride safely? Consider visiting the CPSC website to get ideas of your own for comments.


Questions about comments? Contact Rhonda Silence of the ATVAM Communications Committee


If you want to learn more about the CPSC request for information, visit and search “Docket No. CSPC-2012-0048. That page also  a “Comment Now” link. 

If you prefer to mail comments, send them to:

Office of the Secretary

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Room 820

4330 East West Highway

Bethesda, MD 20814


Comment however you want, but please comment before Nov. 24!


*********SAMPLE COMMENTS************


To: CPSC Secretary Todd Stevenson


Re: Docket No. CPSC-2012-0048


Dear Mr. Stevenson:


I am an avid ATVer who wants to go on record against the idea of eliminating passengers on all-terrain vehicles. This proposal would not increase safety and it would ruin my family’s enjoyment of the sport.

The request for information asks what is the prevalence of passenger riding? I would say it is very prevalent and reasonably safe. My family has been riding ATVs for over 20 years. Over the years we have owned several ATVs and we currently own three. Two are made for passengers and one is not. We have travelled thousands of miles on these machines. We ride alone and with a passenger. We have not found driving with a passenger on board to be unsafe.

More important than design of the ATV is rider education. That is why I am a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) safety instructor and a Trail Ambassador. As an ATV enthusiast, I take every chance to talk to people, especially youths about safe driving.

We use our ATV to get around our property and to do yard work such as hauling brush, firewood and snowplowing. We also ride for fun. We ride because we love to spend time together as a family and we love to be outdoors. We ride to our favorite fishing spots, to go berry picking, hunting or just to watch wildlife.

I believe that modifications to ATVs to make it impossible for a passenger to ride would also make it impossible to use my ATV as a hauling vehicle. It would be very detrimental to my family’s enjoyment of ATVing, as it would reduce the number of people who could go on rides. It would also be less fun as I like having my spouse or one of my kids or grandkids riding behind me.

Finally, I don’t think modifications could be made safely. And, if manufacturers were forced to make changes to eliminate riders, people would do their own modifications which could create unsafe situations.

Please do not invest any more time on the proposal to eliminate two-up ATV riding. Federal money should instead be spent in educating riders about ATV safety.

Please contact me if you want to ask about my riding experiences.


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