Arizona’s “Show Me Rides” Are A Hit With New And Veteran OHV Riders

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Missouri may be the “Show Me” State, but Arizona is the “Show-Me-A-Good-Place-To-Ride-My-Shiny-New-OHV” State. Arizona State Parks and its OHV Ambassador Program recently started offering “Show Me Rides.” Now in its second season, this program gives new riders — and seasoned riders new to the area — the opportunity to go on OHV rides guided by state-certified Ambassadors. Rides are open to ATVs, side-by-sides, off-highway motorcycles and 4WD trucks. “The feedback has been very good,” said David Quine, a 4-year Ambassador who heads up the program.

Twice a month, riders show up at one of three trailheads, publicized in advance and posted on the Arizona State Parks OHV Program web site. They are met by Ambassadors who have been doing “meet and greets” for years, and now are able to guide the rides…..Read more

SURVEY SAYS! Find Out What Your Club Members Are Thinking With A Free On-Line Survey

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“The club and board work very hard for us.” 
“Keep up the good work.” 
“I am retired and the club gives me a great hobby and lifestyle to be part of. But we need more club rides.” 
“More rides.” 
“We want more rides!”

These are just a few of the comments our ATV/OHM club received from members who completed a 10-question survey they received by email. It’s a free service provided by, in our case, All we had to do was create the questions and provide member email addresses. The on-line survey company did the rest, including calculating the results and providing colorful bar graphs we could present at a club meeting.

Retaining members and getting new members to join an OHV club or state association is a big job. People join for many reasons. And they leave for many reasons, often without telling you why. Our club, the Woodtick Wheelers ATV/OHV Club, is 5 years old this year…..Read more

“Buckle Up For Safety, Buckle Up.” Jingle For Cars In The ‘60s Rings True For ROVs Today

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Second in a series. In the March newsletter, Part I of this series dealt with how an increase in the number of recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs) — also called side-by-sides — is forcing states to grapple with ROV definitions and policies. This article presents the recommendations for safe ROV use, and corresponding “warned-against” factors involved in ROV incidents.

“There has been a terrible car crash on the interstate highway.”

When television news anchors report an automobile accident that requires medical assistance, they often mention the contributing factor that the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Statistics show that strapping in greatly increases your chance of surviving an automobile accident.

According to industry data, the same is true of ROVs. The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) recommends that all ROV drivers help ensure their own safety and that of passengers and other trail users by following eight ROV Safety Rules….Read more

Honda Safety Kiosk Is The Granddaddy Of Rider Education At The Dealer Level

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Second in a series. Motorcycle and ATV dealers are often the first point of contact for new riders, helping them decide which vehicle to buy. Some also provide customers with information on where to ride, clubs to join and safety materials from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the ATV Safety Institute (ASI). What is your local dealership doing to help create a positive future for OHV recreation? Let us know by sending an email to NOHVCC at:

“Creating a positive future for off-highway vehicle recreation.”

That is the mission of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council, and has been for almost 25 years. When it comes to safety education — a major component of the NOHVCC mission — no company has done more at the dealer level than American Honda Motor Co., Inc…..Read more

What Do All Those OHV Organizations (And Their Abbreviations) Stand For Anyway?

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Cut and paste these “links” on your club or state association web site.

At a recent meeting of an ATV club in Minnesota, the club president started giving news from various state and national off-highway vehicle (OHV) organizations. About six acronyms into the discussion, a club member raised his hand and said “I got an acronym for you Dave: TMI (too much information). How about printing up a list of all those groups and giving it to us at the next meeting.”

Good idea. Here is a list of national OHV groups that work hard to promote motorized recreation, protect access to public lands, and advance the safe and responsible use of OHVs. Some have free monthly e-newsletters you can subscribe to. Many have free safety education materials, public service announcements (PSAs) and banner ads clubs can put to use at their meetings, rides, safety education classes and on their web sites….Read more

Mixed Gear Bag

You know we have to be creative in our titles. Miscellaneous is too normal and potpourri doesn’t sound very rider like. Below are up-coming events and other assorted items of interest.

NOHVCC Workshops: 
Idaho OHV Trails Workshop – May 6 – 8. Workshop is full and registration closed. 
Iowa OHV Park Development Workshop – May 17 – 17. Registration is open. No cost for the workshop.

The 2014 conference will be the week of August 17 – 23 and will be back in Great Falls, MT. The schedule is:

Tuesday, August 19th – Program Manager’s Round Table

Wednesday, August 20th – INOHVAA Annual Meeting and Sessions

Thursday, August 21st – Mobile Workshop

Friday, August 22nd – Joint INOHVAA/NOHVCC sessions and annual banquet

Saturday, August 23rd – NOHVCC sessions and team time

See the conference page for information about the 2014 conference. More information is being added as it comes in and the agenda is being created.

OHV Education Trailers:

Yamaha OHV Access Initiative funded a maintenance trailer for the Ohio Motorized Trail Association.

Polaris GRANT Foundation funded an education trailer for Northwoods Riders ATV club (MN).

Is your State helping to fund the NOHVCC OHV trails guidebook? You still have the opportunity to get your State’s logo on the book and website pages. This is eligible for RTP education funds. Send us a message at for more details


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