Review of Centennial WY. This was a very nice trip and lots of riding.The views are, spectacular, The  mountain lakes are beautiful, the trails are rocky, so it is somewhat of a rough ride but the rocks also make the trails fun to ride on if you want some slight extreme riding, the weather was great, nice cool mornings and about 75 during the day. The trails are not well maintained, lots of down trees, there are lots of dead trees from the pine beetles  but you can tell that the trails are well used. you have choice of what you want to see, one day can be trails though the trees or a day of lakes and lots of stream crossing. The only things bad,  the people in centennial do not act like they want you there, for a town of one hundred that is run down you would think they would welcome you and your money but they pretty much said they did not want us on there trails and would not give any help on were to ride. We did check out another town about 20 miles called Albany, a town of 15. they are all about atvs or sledding  there is a very  nice lodge there, they do rent atvs and sleds and jeeps, they wanted you to be there, they were more than happy to tell you where to ride, the one guy told us, you paid you fee to ride so we are going to give you the trails to ride on. If you do go I would check this lodge out, we never got to use the lodge but we put on 83 miles and still never see all the trails around there.   

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