At the next meeting of the Let’s Ride ATV/UTV Club the members will be presented with an idea for a “Hound & Hare” ride.

This ride would be a variant of the kids hide and seek game. Here is how it would work:

The group sets up a base camp and lots are drawn to determine the “hare”. This rider is given a 5 minute head start and the rest of the riders (hounds) try to find him or her. Any rider who finds the hare becomes the new hare and whoever is the hare at the end wins.

The ride takes place in a tightly defined riding area and these are the rules.

1. The hare must stay on a designated trail, however he may “hide” within 20 yards of the trail.

2. The hare is captured when another rider comes within “shooting distance”, say 50 yards, and sounds a horn. At which time the hare must stop and the new rider becomes the hare. He then has as five minutes to escape.

3. The ride lasts for a set period, say three or four hours, (example: 10am-2pm). At the end all riders return to the starting point. The hare returns to the starting point and collects his prize.

4. Riders must operate their vehicles safely and at no more than 20 miles per hour. This is not a speed contest.

The hare is identified by a special, high-visibility vest which ATV riders wear and UTV riders must display prominently on their vehicle.

At the end of the ride, the hare is given the right to wear the vest at all club rides until the next club “Hare & Hound”) event and will have his name permanently embroidered on the vest.

The club will sponsor a cookout at the end of the ride to celebrate the hare’s victory.  We have already lined up at least one prize, a package of Johnsonville Sausages donated by the Keystone Country Store.

Anyone who has ideas regarding this idea are invited to attend the next Let’s Ride club meeting, or send suggestions or comments to club president Steve Johnson.


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